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AMU B.Tech 2015 Admission Details | AMUEEE 2015

The first month in the New Year is cold in terms of weather but quite revealing in terms of news for students preparing to enter Aligarh Muslim University through AMUEEE, 2015. The examination dates are out. All the application forms have been released and can be found on the given link.

Examination Dates for AMU B.TECH (Bachelor Of Technology)

Out in the open are the Examination dates for Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in A.M.U. (AMU 2015 Admission Dates / Entrance Test Dates 2015) and so is
the anxiety of students about the Application forms as well as the courses. Well worry not people, for here we are to answer all the questions and doubts and provide as much information as is possible to help you.
Let’s first start with the college where you will have to spend the next four years of your life, if you get selected.

Zakir Hussain College of Engineering & Technology is hub of Technical education in A.M.U. It provides a bachelor degree in several genres of technology. The B.Tech courses, here, span into several disciplines as stated below.

1.       Chemical engineering
2.      Civil Engineering
3.      Computer Engineering
4.      Electrical Engineering
5.      Electronics Engineering
6.      Mechanical Engineering
7.      Petrochemical Engineering

For further information about the college, click here.

Application Form for AMU B.Tech 2015

Now, of course, the first and foremost inquisition that pops up in your mind, whether you be a student aspiring to get into the college or a guardian trying to get their kids into one of the best places for graduation, is about the application forms.

The Bachelor of Technology application form (AMUEEE 2015 Application Form) is to be released by the third week of February. As the University has released the forms, you can find them here on AMU B.Tech 2015 Application Form | AMUEEE 2015 Admission.

Eligibility Criteria for AMU B.Tech 2015

Aligarh Muslim University releases a peculiar set of criterion that a student has to fulfill before he or she can be considered eligible to seek admission in the university.

·         10+2 Examination from any recognized board

·         An aggregate of 50% at the least in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English.

Other details about the eligibility are listed on AMUEEE 2015 Eligibility Criteria.
However, if you believe in pre-planning then I’d advise you to look into this link for further help. It’s better to understand the form before filling it in order to avoid any mistakes while applying.

Entrance Exam Tips for AMU B.Tech 2015

Next on your list must be the preparation for the exams. I am certain all the students have been working very hard on their courses and must have prepared a lot by now. The exams are a little more than four months away and the pressure has started to build up. Give us a visit over here. and find out some Expert Tips on handling the pressure during exams.

Bachelor of Architecture

Along with B.Tech, the admissions to Bachelor in Architecture ( AMU B.Arch 2015) is an equally sought out degree and the admissions to B.Arch. will be conducted as the same time as B.Tech. The forms will be out in January end and the Entrance Exam will be conducted on the same day as AMUEEE

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