Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Reservation for Muslims in AMU | How many seats are resrved for Muslims

Aligarh Muslim University has now 50% of its seats reserved for Muslims in select Courses. This reformation in the Admission Reservation policy came after the Central Government approved 50% reservation for Muslims in selected 32 courses of study in the University, most of which are professional courses including MBBS and few others.

Though the reservation since it's applicable to only 36 courses among a total of more than
200 courses in the university is not that widespread as it's only applicable to the admissions of around 2000 students among the overall 30000 strength of AMU; but still, needless to say, since it's mostly applicable to professional courses shall prove to be a worthy step in empowering the education for Muslims in the country.

Though the Muslim Reservation is still a bit vague and some opposition has been observed from
people since there have been no talks of the exclusion of Creamy Layer from this policy. It's obvious that a major part of the Admissions are going to be affected by this New Reservation Policy.

As per the news till now, 20% seats shall also be reserved for the Internal Candidates of AMU (those presently studying and those who are applicable as their qualifying examinations are from the University Degrees). A more clear picture of Reservations can be obtained from the information Brochure while filling up the form which are still awaited.

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  1. how may seats are available for open merit(external) in AMU mbbs entrance examination?